You, your mistakes and need for the right guidance.

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Facebook Post 5th August 2022

After I left my last job around 12 years back and started my first enterprise, I knew this is what I wanted. Things were exciting and working out well. I was in love to be an entrepreneur.

In a couple of years, I had a few more ideas and eventually was involved in multiple enterprises. I lost focus and made poor decisions managing business and personal finances. Things were bad and impacted my personal life and relations. Further, I made the mistake of trying to figure out things on my own.

In the meantime, I entered the space of investments and insurance working as a professional. I could reach up to experts and while working with them I realized the need for the right guidance.

Slowly things started to change for the better. I learned that with the right mindset, proper habits, effective planning, expert guidance, and the right decisions you can achieve the beautiful and rare combination of wealth and stress-free happy life.

I made several mistakes with my life and finances. But with the right guidance, I could come back on track and I am mending those mistakes step by step.

What I realized is – ‘in whatever situation you are in today, even if you have made several mistakes in your life, you can always try and make things better.’

This starts with forgiving yourself for the mistakes, going forward with life and not holding yourself back with those failures, and having the right guidance in the process.

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